Discover Ikaria island

Ikaria island

Discover Ikaria island in Eastern Aegean

Travel Information about Ikaria island Greece, Eastern Aegean: Ikaria island is situated in the north-eastern Aegean Sea, between the islands of Samos and Patmos. According to the Greek Mythology, Icarus, a mythical figure with wax wings, fell into the sea and was drowned, while flying close to the sun. The island was thus named after him. Ikaria island has rich past, which can be seen in the Byzantine and Roman archeological remains.

The Castle of Koskina built in the 11th century A.D, during the Byzantine rule, is found on top of a mountain peak. Inside the castle is the church of Saint George. Drakano Fortress is another fine example of the island's military past. It was built by the Athenians, during the time of Alexander the Great. This 44 foot high limestone military fortification served as observation point for traffic in the Aegean Sea. The tourists can also find the remains of a Byzantine Odeon (small theatre) in Kampos village, used by noblemen in ancient times for musical and theatrical events.

The Roman baths of Therma also deserve a visit. During the Roman times, hot spring water with curative properties flowed out and people cured themselves of their diseases by bathing in it. After an earthquake, the Therma springs of Ikaria island stopped working and the city slid under the sea. The remains are visible with snorkeling in the region. Nearby, along the tourists can follow a paved path that leads them to an active hot water spring, from which the hot water with healing properties flows out into the sea. They can bath in it to cure themselves, of any rheumatic or skin disease. In Nas, visitors can also explore the remains of an ancient temple of Goddess Artemis built around the 6th century B.C.

For nature lovers, the island is a paradise. It is covered with Pine and Oaks forests. Tourists can hike through the beautiful countryside, on stony and earthen paths to enjoy the natural splendors. Ikaria island is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean region and a perfect place for tourists who want to enjoy their holidays in serene and beautiful natural settings. The mountains, lakes, rivers and lush green forests of Ikaria island form a unique natural beauty.

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