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Here are all the Ikaria sightseeing that we suggest. Have a look on various attractions that you can see during your visit in Ikaria, such as churches, monasteries, museums, castles and other sights.

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All sightseeing in Ikaria

Historically Therma in Ikaria has been a very popular place particularly for hydrotherapy ever since the 4th century BC. At Therma, located 2 km from Agios Kirikos, one can still find the vestiges and ruins of the ancient baths.

Archaeological Collection
Location: Agios Kirikos

The Archaeological Collection of Agios Kirikos is housed in a room of the High School. It displays various findings from the Neolithic and Classical periods such as tools, clay vessels, coins, amphorae, weapons, personal items and more. Another collection consisting of articles and lithography depicts the history and social aspect of the island.

he Byzantine Odeon is located at the village of Kampos in the northern part of the island. It is on the ancient site of Oenoe, known to be one of the most fertile places on the island and wealthy ancient capital of Ikaria.

Church of Agia Irini
Location: Kambos
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This 12th century church is located in the village of Kambos, near the port of Evdilos. It is the oldest church of Ikaria, built on the site of a 4th century basilica. The columns standing in the ground are the only remains of the basilica. The church houses some fine frescoes of great artistic value.

Church of Agios Kirikos
Location: Agios Kirikos
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The church of Agios Kirikos is the Metropolitan Church of the island. It is located in the capital village and impresses with its big size.

Church of Panagia Theoskepasti
Location: Marathos
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This small church has an unusual architecture as it has a rock as roof. The skulls of some monks are housed inside the chapel.

Folklore Museum
Location: Perdiki

This museum stands in the village of Perdiki, 13 kilometres north of Agios Kirikos. It exhibits about 400 items from the Ikarian life, dating back from the 17th century.

Kambos Archaeological Museum
Location: Kambos

The Archaeological Museum of Kambos is located in a two-storey Neoclassical house. It exhibits various findings from excavations on Ikaria, such as sculptures, grave carvings from the Classical and the Hellenistic period, Neolithic tools, pottery vessels, coins, columns and other objects.

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This Byzantine fortress was built in the 11th century AD and it is standing on top of a mountain, offering great views to the above valley.

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The ruins of the Temple of Artemis built in the 6th century BC can be seen in the archaeological site of Nas, on the north western spot of Ikaria. Goddess Artemis was worshipped there from the Classical till the Roman times.

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This magnificent gorge is found close to Nas beach and it is a great area to stroll around, with natural lakes, plane trees, small waterfalls and stone bridges.

This island is quiet and somehow isolate from tourist destination. It has only a few tourist amenities because it has not yet been much developed. Fourni would be a nice two-day excursion from Ikaria.

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