Vasiliadis Diving Club in Thassos

Potos, Thassos
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The VDC School is located in Iraklitsa of Kavala. In the center, you can be trained according to the international and modern models of training. They use computers to analyze the profile of a scuba diving, videotapes and books both in Greek and in foreign languages.

For your training, they provide you with all the necessary equipment and insist in understanding possible reactions for all problems that a diver could meet during the time of a scuba. The first lessons both practical and theoretical take place in a swimming pool for your convenience and later in the sea in the region of Iraklitsa in Kavala.

The two instructors for every 7 trainees, with the great experience, can guarantee your absolute safety and your obtaining the certificate license by the Greek Law. They organize daily educational training and recreational excursions from March to October. They can also organize trips (tours) in Greece and abroad. Discovery diving is also available for not qualified/ certified divers.

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