Thassos Ypsarion Mountain

Ypsarion Mountain on Thassos: The most impressive landscape of Thassos is Mount Ypsarion, located at the center of the island. The green mountain covered with pine trees sets the backdrop for the white sandy island. The highest peak of the mountain is about 1,208m above sea level. At the peak of Ypsarion, you can enjoy the view of the entire island.

Hiking to Mount Ypsarion is a popular tourist activity. The roads are well-marked to facilitate a relaxing journey to the mountaintop. These roads were earlier used to connect the villages of the island before the main road was set up. You will start hiking at Skala Potamia, where the root of Ypsarion is located.

While climbing up, you will see a small artificial lake and the monastery of Agios Panteleimon with the dense forest surrounding it. Mountain biking and running are also part of the active holidays on Thassos around Mount Ypsarion.