Samos Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing in Samos: Samos has been a must in the list of places to visit in Greece. This is the case because of the natural beauty of the island, its impressive landscape and the different type of holidays it offers to tourists. In fact, tourists of all ages find pretty entertaining to walk, cycle and hike along the mountain paths. From the mountainous paths on the south, visitors have the chance to view the abrupt coast of Turkey, the fertile valleys of Samos, the blue sea, the ancient ruins, and mines as well as the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani.

Regarding mountain biking, the visitor will find a variety of biking routes with stunning views, ranging from beginner to expert levels and going all over the island. Although mountain cycling is mostly practiced on the south, mountain climbing is the star activity on the north.

Mountain climbing experts state that the Northern areas of the island offer breathtaking hikes, more difficult and challenging than the southern areas, such as the paths of Vourliotes and Manolates. Once on the summit, you can see the fruit bearing olive groves and the long vine yards. There is a remarkable number of climbing fields on Samos, especially on the West side of the island.

Some rock-climbing fields are still under development but, others, are ideal for mountaineering and rock climbing fans. Vigla peak, about four thousand and seven hundred feet high, is located in the Kerkis mountainous area and it is the second peak in height of the whole East Aegean region. But mountain climbing on Samos is not restricted to the traditional ways of climbing. There are enough sport climbing routes overlooking the sea for athletes of all levels.

Starters can hire a mountaineering instructor to enjoy even more. There are old mines and more than seventy discovered natural caves which tourists usually enjoy exploring. Moreover, the local residents state that there are some undiscovered caves, such as the cave that hides the golden treasure of Polykrates that both tourists and locals are still looking for.

Although Samos is worth visiting all year round, some locals recommend visitors to come in spring, as this flowery season is the best for mountain climbing and hiking. If not possible, they also advise coming in fall, when temperatures are still mild and it is sunny most of the time. As mountain-climbing is dangerous enough to try it on your own, there is a series of organized outdoor activities, including caving trips, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking with the help of expert instructors and guides at reasonable prices.