Samos Roman Baths

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Location: Pythagorion

The Roman Baths in Pythagorion, Samos Greece: Just outside Pythagorion, on the southern side of Samos, there are the ruins of Thermes, that is a Roman bath complex. These Roman baths were constructed in the 2nd century AD and included an extensive complex of public buildings and baths between the sanctuary of Heraion and the ancient town of Samos (modern village of Pythagorion). The remains of the baths are impressive, mainly for the architecture and the engineering.

These baths were part of the athletic complex of the ancient city of Samos, which also included the gymnasium, the stadium and the palaestra (wrestling school). Right next to the main entrance of the baths, there were vestiaries for visitors. The cold water pool and the octagonal pool were located on the northern side of the Thermes, while the hot rooms with an under-floor system for the water heating were located on the southern side.

In addition, the site included a vaulted room used as a sauna, which was turned into a Christian baptistery in the 5th century AD. That period, a three-aisled basilica with mosaics on the floor was constructed around this baptistery. The walls of the Roman baths were decorated with marble, while the floors were covered with mosaics depicting various scenes.



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