Life of Pythagoras in movie

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Over the last years, it is obvious that many Hollywood movies derive their themes from ancient Greek history and mythology. Should we remember just a few movies, such as Alexander the Great, Troy, 300 and the recent Clash of the Titans. At this context, a new movie is being prepared for the life of the famous philosopher-mathematecian Pythagoras of Samos. The shootings are expected to take place in Greece, starting from September in Samos and Delphi. However, scenes will also be shooted in Belgium and Luxembourg. The movie "Pythagoras: The gates of light" is based on the homonymous book of Mia Sperber. The director will be Raoul Ruiz (Time Regained), while many famous Hollywood actors are likely to play, including John Malkovich (as Pythagoras), Gerald Butler (as Pythagoras in younger age), Penelope Cruz (as Theano, the companion of Pythagoras), Ben Kingsley and Patrick Stuart.