Discovery of ancient shipwreck

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While works were still in progress in the port of Pythagorion Samos for pulling up the remains of the shipwreck Tagkanarok, which was sunk after its bombardment in 1943 by the Germans, and after relative information by the locals, a submarine research was realised which brought into light an ancient shipwreck on the north-east of Samos island. The ancient ship was transporting plenty of amphorae dating from the 3rd century BC and it was found in depth of 25-40 metres. The seabed at that point was inclining and the ship seemed to have traces of despoliation. On the south of the shipwreck, there were numerous shells and ceramics chronologically unidentified. Apart from this wreck, the Submarine Archaeological Service also revealed the ruins of a Byzantine city in the sea close to Kokkari and other significant relics close to the port of Pythagorion, such as some melanic amphorae.