Lesvos Valide Mosque

Valide Mosque in Mytilene, in Lesvos: The Greek Island of Lesvos in the Aegean Sea is endowed with bountiful natural delights, which make it an ideal destination for tourists. The island is dotted with minarets. Valide Tzami mosque built in 1615 is definitely one of them. The Mosque is located at the fascinating port city of Mytilene, which is the capital of Lesvos Island.

The mosque is located at Epano Skala, a predominantly Turkish section within the city. Valide Mosque is a stone-built one-storey building with a marble staircase. It has a stone-paved front yard with a fountain embellished with engraved arabesques. The interior of the roof of the mosque used to be colorfully painted. However, the roof was painted brown after the Turks left the city.

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