Lesvos Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in Lesvos, in the Eastern Aegean: It seems that the Statue of Liberty in New York has inspired many imitations around the world. Such an imitation is surprisingly found at the entrance of the port of Mytilene. It is not an exact copy but reminds a lot the original statue, with a young girl holding a torch of fire on her stretched right hand. This statue has been made of bronze by the painter G. Iakovides and it is one of the few imitations around the world (along with a copy in Pennsylvania and Prague).

This statue, 15 meters high, was an initiative of a local man who had been working for many years in the USA. When he returned to his homeland, he came with the idea to create a smaller version of the New York Statue of Liberty, which was placed at the entrance of the port to welcome the ships coming to the island.