Trial in the name of…Lesvos

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Three residents of the island of Lesvos, Eastern Aegean, came to the court, in order to litigate the prohibition of the use of the word lesbian, since they challenge the exclusivity of their island's name!
The request of the three locals was against the representatives of the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece (OLKE), asking to forbid in future the use of the word, with the argument that "their home region is brutally insulted by these terms". Although the term is used since many years, the three residents and the witnesses stated that it is unbelievable the way that the women from Lesvos are detracted. Moreover, the youth on the island is confused.
The lawyer of OLKE pointed out that "the request was done due to impression reasons", showing also recent international press publications talking about our country's ridicule through this action.
The court president will announce her decision within the next days.