AegeanDocs International Documentary Film Festival

Oct 01, 2018 — Oct 06, 2018 • Category: Events

AegeanDocs is an international festival that presents a wide variety of productions focusing on society and politics.
The festival is organized in Lesvos and 11 more Aegean islands and during the days it takes place, the most important documentaries from all over the world are announced.
The interesting part, though, is that it doesn’t only present Oscar-awarded documentaries from the western culture, but also less known documentaries from countries such as Turkey and Asia. This way, it gives the audience a full perspective of this movie making genre.
The mid-term vision of AegeanDocs is to expand the subjects of the documentaries that it presents. This means that the audience will soon watch documentaries about travel and art.
During the festival, many parallel events, such as retrospectives, workshops, and masterclasses are also taking place. So, this autumn get ready for one of the most popular cinema festivals!
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