Methymneos Wine

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Chidira, Lesvos
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Methymneos Winery holds a prominent place in the winemaking tradition of Lesvos, that dates back to the ancient times. Methymneos wine combines the light aromas of honey and citrus fruits with an equally beautiful taste.

The rather exceptional characteristics of this wine come from the excellent variety of vineyards located in the western part of Lesvos. It was the year 1985 when Dimitris Lambrou, editor of the historical research magazine "Davlos", begun the replanting process of Lesvos Grape Variety, urged by his own belief that the specific variety has great winemaking potentials. This important initiative led to the beginning of a new era for winemaking on the island.

The vineyards of Methymneos are located at an altitude of 300 meters in the crater of the inactive volcano of Western Lesvos, near the village of Chidira. True to the ancient winemaking tradition, the Lambrou family makes sure that the grapes grow naturally. Specialized in organic farming, the winery reflects the values of ancient oral and written tradition of the art winemaking. The winery is open for visits from early July to late September and visits are free of charge.

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