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Molyvos Beach Lesvos: The beach of Molyvos is found in the northern area of Lesvos island, 62 km from Mytilene town. Molyvos beach has a pebbled shore and a sandy seafloor. It has been awarded the EU Blue Flag, which indicates the cleanness of its waters. It has a beautiful natural environment and it is obviously well-organized, offering a great variety of water-sports. If you like snorkeling, you can walk along the rocky coast and you will find the ideal area, just beware of the sea urchins.

Many activities have taken place on this beach, organized by schools of the island and the local government. These activities include competitions of drawing and photography, tree planting, bicycling competitions and discussions on the protection of the sea environment and fishing, where representatives of 32 countries took place. There are many tourist facilities by the seaside, such as hotels, rooms to let and fish taverns, known for the great quality of their food.

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  • niamh 26 May 2009
    Have many days to see all
    Lesvos is a very big island and you have so many things to see that a week is not enough. We didn't have the chance to see most of the beaches and buses are not that helpful. We spent our week on Molyvos and focused to explore the close area, so we missed nice spots on the sourthern side, like Plomari and Vatera. Anyway, what we managed to see was nice. Beaches of Molyvos and Petra was wonderful, a bit pebbled but very clean. Molivos has excellent fish taverns and locals welcome you. I asked the hotel owner to book us a car for a couple of days and he did found us a car in very good price (50 euros for three days!). So, we explored a bit the area.

    The Petrified Forest (close to Sigri) was a bit disappointing. We arrived there in the afternoon and it was closed. We saw a bit from the fence but didn't seem to us so gorgeous as we expected it. Village Mandamados was also nice. We run on it by chance, when we got lost on our way from Mytilini to Molivos and it looked very traditional to me, although I hadn't noticed it in any advertisement. Also go to Eresos to swim and to Kaloni to try fish. They say that Kaloni has the best fish in Lesvos.