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General information

Anaxos Ampelia Beach Lesvos: This is a calm beach covered with soft sand, located close to the tourist resort of Anaxos, 60 km northwest of Mytilene. Given that it has no tourist facilities, the beach receives a minimum number of people. It stretches for many meters and it is frequently affected by strong winds. This beach is surrounded by a rocky landscape covered with few plantation. There is some seaweed coming from the sea. The idyllic atmosphere offers a great chance for relaxation. Due to the long distance from the city centre, the area remains difficult to approach.

Anaxos Ampelia Map

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1 Review
  • Molyvos 28 Aug 2020

    In recent years there has been a number of changes to this beach, the beach itself is sandy but this year (2020) the sea has many large stone on the shore line and even some further out swimming shoes are highly recommended.

    This place feels like one of those secret locations you know about, and don't want anyone else to ever find out about in case it somehow loses it's very special appeal.

    Much of what's available on the menu is from the garden behind the taverna. Everything is delicious. Their Greek salad is a must but make sure you are sharing as it’s a large salad, fresh fish is a must too, it always tastes so much better by the sea.

    So Kick your shoes off, relax and gaze at the serene sunset whilst enjoying fantastic food at what feels like an extension of their family table. All the better if George is around and playing his bouzouki.