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General information

Agios Isidoros beach Lesvos: Agios Isidoros is a unique and charming pebbled beach, located close to the village of Agios Isidoros and 40 km south west of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos. It is known for its crystal waters and beautiful environment. It is one of the longest beaches in Lesvos and the perfect place to swim and go snorkeling, a quite interesting activity due to the rock formations at the bottom of the sea. Fish and other organisms are prevalent in these formations and can be seen at close quarters by snorkelers at this beach. Guaranteed to be a fun experience for the entire family, Agios Isidoros beach is a definite must visit.

Hotels in Agios Isidoros

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Aegean Sun

Hotel3 stars

Discreet luxury meets the consistency and comfort in the hotel’s ground floor areas. The hotel combines modern tendencies of architecture, decoration, and technology with luxury and relaxation. The modern lobby gives the first idea to visitors for the atmosphere they are about to experience ...


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1 Review
  • filobr35 29 May 2008
    Agios Isodoros better at night
    Agios Isidoros is a very long and sandy beach. We stayed in a camping site close to it. We rarely went there in the daytime because it was very crowded. I preferred going there in the evening, just after the sunset. To me this was the best time to go for swimming since we were almost alone.