Romanou Village Hiking Tour

Active: Mar 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2023
Duration: 3 hours
Depart: Lemnos > From Your Hotel
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General Description

What one can think of stone? Crude and lifeless or strong and precious? These are all properties of this natural element. At Romanou village, stone supports several strands of life and culture. Education, faith, architecture, art, food, water, vinification and public facilities. It is the village of stone masons that turned this lifeless element into the cornerstone of their small community.

Hiking starts from Romanou greenandnbsp?at 08:00am or 05:00pm depending on the season and it is a random trail of 3km. All around the village there are several stops to experience certain phenomena. Hiking time is 1h and 30' on cobbled streets and paths. At the time of our choice we can have a snack.

Notes:The tour is not tailor -made for children. They can easily follow the trail as long as they are interested in nature adventures.
In order to ensure the best possible service for the guests, the tour is done with qualified professional guide, environmentalist, member of Interpret Europe Association.
In her backpack, the guide includes a first aid kit, so you don’t need to bring along your own one, unless there are any extra individual medical needs.

What to bring: Do not forget to wear proper garment according to season, hiking or training shoes and of course bring your photo camera to capture the beauty of nature.

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