Lemnos Sand dunes

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Location: Gomati

A fact that many people don’t know is that Lemnos is home to a desert!
In particular, Pachies Ammoudies is an arid area full of golden dunes, which have been formed from the sand of the nearby beach, which lies 2 kilometers away.
Lemnos’ climate is quite windy, making the sand dunes change shapes depending on the strength and direction of the wind.

The terrain doesn’t boast vegetation except for a few shrubs, yet sea daffodils bloom during the summer.
On the other hand, rich vegetation, including olive and pear trees, surrounds the dunes.
Eventually, the arid terrain is a favorite among animals like rabbits, so if you visit the dunes during the sunset, you may encounter some hopping around.

The golden dunes nestled between lush vegetation gift guests with an exceptional interchange of sceneries no traveler should miss when in Lemnos!



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