Taming the wild waves of Keros

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Many people imagine Lemnos as a laid-back island with few things to do. Well, think again! How many of you did you know that Lemnos has probably the safest windsurfing beach in Greece? How many of you have heard that people can practice windsurfing and kitesurfing on Lemnos even in winter, with waves that reach 4 meters high? Only a few people seemed to know these precious details, among whom the owners of Keros Surf Club. We talked to Giannis Doumtsios, one of these owners, who sends Surf-Greetings and invites you to feel an exquisite windsurfing experience on Lemnos. Giannis, how came the idea to open a windsurfing club on Lemnos? Surf Club Keros opened in 2008. The idea came in a surfing trip to Australia in 2006. We had just finished our studies and were thinking about our future. The general concept was that we wanted to wear swimming suites and sandals in our work. Which are the best period for windsurfing and kitesurfing on Lemnos? In Lemnos, the conditions are ideal all year round, but most people think windsurfing and kitesurfing as summer sports, so they visit us then. Surf Club Keros works from May to September. You give windsurfing and kitesurfing courses, right? How long someone needs to learn? How important are muscular strength or age to practice these sports? Our courses follow the prescriptions of the World Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Association, so someone can learn tidily and safely. In general, for both these sports, you need about 12-15 hours of courses. The difference is that in windsurfing you can run a route from the first lesson. Muscular strength is not that important in these sports, as we have the necessary equipment for all. Only imagine that even kids aged 7 come to Surf Club Keros and learn how to windsurf. Of course, in kitesurfing, the learner must be above 15, for safety reasons. Do you also organize yoga courses? Yes. Believe me, there is nothing better that to start and finish your day with yoga or stretching… The tired body relaxes, the muscles rest and, besides, windsurfing and kitesurfing are even easier to do then. Apart from Keros, in which other beaches of Lemnos can someone practice windsurfing? Close to Keros, there is the beach of Kotsina, while the bay of Moudros is also suitable. In summer, you can do summer sports in Evgati beach s and in other coasts near Myrina. Of course, we chose Keros beach because the wind is stronger than in other regions. Keros is amazing and very safe. It is probably the safest and best beach in Greece for windsurfing and kitesurfing. We must also mention the legendary Gomati beach, which is more of a winter spot, with waves that many times overpass 4 meters high. Do you live in Lemnos permanently? We live half the year in Lemnos, from May to October, but we come very frequently in winter for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Can you describe us Lemnos all year round? What are the highlights of the island? Lemnos is a wonderful island with incredible wild beauty. Take your camera and explore. Imagine, we come here so many years and we still discover new things. In general, it is perfect for nature lovers. Lemnos has one of the best fish spots in Mediterranean and very nice routes for cycling or climbing. As for sights, we suggest you the sand dunes in Gomati, the wild rocks in Agios Ermolaos, the picturesque and almost haunted villages Scandali and Fisini and the sunset from the Castle of Myrina. Lemnos doesn't certainly have the vivid nightlife of Mykonos or Paros but the locals know to have fun…

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