Church monument needs restoration

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The historical church of Saint George in Repanidi village, Lemnos island, is facing the danger to collapse, as the restoration works that need to be done hasn't started yet. Although this beautiful church has been officially declared as a historical monument since 1963, the study for its restoration hasn't been conducted yet. A few days ago, the mayor of Moudros and the Head of the Board of Byzantine Antiquities, Mrs Christina Loupou, visited the church and discussed the prospects to include it in a program for preservation and reconstruction. Built in the 18th century, the church of Saint George in Repanidi has an excellent Byzantine architecture and unique woodcuts and frescoes. The church has no bell tower and a wooden roof. Unfortunately, over the last years, the church has suffered serious damages as some columns have worn away and part of the wooden roof has collapsed. The situation gets worse in winter and especially when it rains, as the rain damages more the roof and the valuable frescoes on the walls. The local authorities, estimating the importance of this church monument, stressed out that it is highly important to restore it immediately.