Ancient theatre revives with drama

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The ancient theatre of Hephaistia in Lemnos revives again tomorrow night, for the first time after 2,300 years. Constructed in a central spot of the anciet city-state, this was one of the most important theatres in the ancient world. It dates from the late 5th century BC, while some additions were made in the Hellenistic and the Roman times. However, under the seats, parts of two archaic theatres were found, testifying the connection of the theatre with the worship of gods. The reconstrution of the theatre of Hephaistia was done in the years 2000-04 and there is the idea to establish a two-day festival of ancient drama on this holy site. The first performance to be presented in this theatre after 2,300 years is Oedipus the King, directed by Spyros Evangelatos and starring Konstantinos Markoulakis and Kariofilia Karabeti.