Aegean Regatta 2010

• Category: News
Just one month after the end of Aegean Regatta 2009, the programme of Aegean Regatta 2010 has already been announced. Organized by the Greek Ministry of Merchantile Marine, the Aegean Regatta of 2010 will have a festive atmosphere as it celebrates its 10 years! This year the Regatta was organized in the islands of Eastern Aegean (Samos, Ikaria and Lipsi), but next year competitions will take place in Northern Aegean. In particular, vessels will leave from Lemnos and through Thassos and Samothraki, they will arrive in Molyvos Lesvos. The regatta will last from August 21st-28th, 2010. These routes are more demanding and difficult from the routes so far and they have special characteristics. Thassos is inlcuded in the routes of Aegean Regatta for the first time, in an effort to include every year new destinations in the schedule, so that sailboaters will meet new sea routes and will come in closer contact with the local communities. Apart from the usual competitions, there will also be special awards for the boats and the captains who participate in Aegean Regatta from the first year.