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General information

Plagia Village Ikaria: The village of Plagia, south-west of Agios Kirikos, is a picturesque settlement, built on the mountain slopes. The land here is vastly pastured, and consists of a steep terrain that drops in some abrupt cliffs. There are some houses scattered around this area, while there is a nice square in the centre with the village, a church and few shops.

In this same square, the most important celebration of the island is held on September 8th every year. Traditional Ikarian festivals are happy occasions in which the locals enjoy folklore dancing and music, as well as eating, along with the visitors, creating a great festive environment that worth to be experienced.

Another important church is the one called Genethlion Tis Theotokou, meaning The Birth of the Virgin, built in 1953, on an area that was formerly occupied by an older church. For those who visit the island at this date and want to take advantage of it at Plagia, there is a road from Agios Kirikos passing through Xilosirtis and Chrissostomos before reaching Plagia.

The village of Plagia has more interesting sites apart from the mentioned ones, such as the traditional oil press with a mill for grinding olives. Apart from counting on a great festival, and some traditional sites and features that represent the essence of Ikaria, the village of Plagia counts on a good access from and to other great villages that can complement the stroll, and give the visitors a complete view about what Ikarian life is about.

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