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Location: Fourni

Fourni (or Fournoi) Island close to Ikaria: Fourni is a complex of islands lying in the Aegean Sea between Samos, Ikaria, and Patmos. The islets that collectively constitute this complex are Fournoi, Thimena, Agios Minas and other ten rocky islands. Among these islands, only Thimena and Fourni are inhabited. The islet of Fourni is a remote island that only lately has developed as a tourist destination for nature and peace lovers.

Fourni is a fishing island with a wonderful coastline. The main village is also called Fourni and seems to be a fascinating hamlet adorned with mulberry trees, lined up in a beautiful array from the harbor to the village square. The island has some amazing hidden coves with sandy beaches and crystal water.

Most of the settlements on Fourni island are concentrated around the port. The main village has some lovely, family-run hotels and delicious taverns. As Fourni is a fishing island, so seafood dishes are available in abundance there. Among the best beaches on the island, there are Psili Ammos beach, a few km to the north of the harbor, and Petrokopio beach to the south. Fourni can be reached by ferry from Samos or Ikaria and it is a nice destination if you are looking for pure nature and peace.

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