Ikaria Greek Language Courses

Greek Language Courses in Ikaria, in the Eastern Aegean: What a better opportunity to learn a language than learning it in the country where it is spoken? To answer this question, the Ikarian Centre has organized a series of Greek language courses for all levels. The Ikarian Centre not only aims that foreign students improve their Greek language skills but the center also intends to make of every course a cultural experience through lectures, interviews, projects, pair work, and other guided activities. Thus the Greek language will be learned in a natural way.

Textbooks are also used as well as radio and song listening, literature or newspaper analysis and others. The learning methods emphasize on the correct use of Grammar through pleasant guided communicative activities. Note that teachers are specially and well trained for this purpose.

The learning center, placed in Arethousa village, Ikaria, counts on spacious classrooms where students can learn in a comfortable environment, in groups up to 7 people, and in a friendly atmosphere. Moreover, the excellent location of the center provides stunning views and peaceful surroundings, since Arethousa village is at 300 meters over the sea level.

The courses at the Ikarian Centre are held in spring and summer. They start from April and last till October. There are courses for absolute beginners to advanced learners. A typical day for a student at the Ikaria Centre will involve grammar, vocabulary and language games in the morning, text and listening comprehension in the afternoon and conversation classes, cooking, films, and songs in the evening.

Students can stay at the Ikaria Centre complex which was built in 2001 or get an accommodation in the area. Fees vary depending on the level and the duration of the course.