22 ancient shipwrecks discovered in Fourni

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Following the archaeological research of the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Archaeology, performed with the support of RPM Nautical Foundation, 22 shipwrecks were discovered in the sea region of Fourni island, in the eastern Aegean Sea. These shipwrecks date from the Archaic (8th century BC) until the pre-revolutionary (17th century AD) years. The research took place during the last two weeks of September by scuba divers with the use of a remote-control underwater device.

Among the most important findings are: a 6th century BC shipwreck with amphorae (ceramic vases) from Samos, a post-Classical shipwreck with vases from Chios, 3 shipwrecks with loads from the Black Sea and a shipwreck with vases from Syria-Palestine. These findings are very important as they show that the islands of Fourni were main commercial stops in the past.

In fact, some vase types are discovered for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea and scientists believe that, if the research continues, they will find more shipwrecks in the region. It is also worth to mention that the local fishermen contributed a lot in the efforts of the archaeologists as they would frequently find pieces of ancient objects in their fishing nets.