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Vrondados village Chios: The village of Vrondados is known for its significant maritime tradition. It is situated 4 km north of Chios Town, on the western coast of the island. It has a population of about 5,000 inhabitants and most of them are sailors.

The windmills of the village, the churches of Agios Stephanos, Panagia Erithiani and Saint Mark, and the tomb of the Greek writer, Yannis Psycharis, are worth a visit. The Monastery of Saint Stefan lies on the top of the hill in a verdant surrounding, and is ideal for those seeking freshness and calm. Accommodations, cafes, bars and taverns are available at Vrondados, as well as some fine beaches.

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  • anniekust 05 May 2009
    Appreciation for small things
    I am afraid I have nothing special to write about Chios, other than what has been mentioned so far from the previous reviewers. I just want to stress out how much I loved this island and how desperately I want to go back! My first visit on Chios was five years ago to visit Vrontados, the village where my grandparents (emigrants to the USA) lived. Myself I am a proud Greek-American who wants to know more about her homeland. Everytime I come back to Greece (usually every other year), I feel at home, although I wasn't born or raised here nor do I have many relatives, except for some distant cousins.
    Anyway, Vrontados was a nice village hidden in the mountains with a nice surrounding and some gorgeous hills to see the sunset in the evening. If you walk around the village, you will find a rock where Homer was supposed to narrate his poems there. This rock is called Daskalopetra by the locals, which means the rock of the master. The beach of Vrontados is not that great, I personally don't like pebble beaches. To tell the truth, the whole island doesn't have great beaches.

    But, do not worry, you will not miss them, I think. It has so many other things to see that swimming will be the least to care about. Go to Pyrgos with the special architecture, visit the cave near Olympi and see the romantic stalactites, climp up to the Castle of Avgonyma (do not even try it in the noon, you will melt from sweapt), walk along the narrow streets of the town, eat fresh fish in Ermioni.

    Life is best appreciated in small things... My dream is one day to come back and live on Chios for good.