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Location: Oinousses

The island of Oinousses close to Chios, Greece: Oinousses is a group of 9 small islands to the east of Chios, between the island and the Turkish shores. The main island and at the same time the harbor of the complex is Oinoussa, where the main settlement is found. The population on Oinousses does not surpass 1,000 permanent inhabitants, most of whom are occupied with stockbreeding, fishing, and seafaring.

In fact, Oinousses have always been a place with a long and rich maritime culture and many Greek ship owners come from this tiny place. These shipowner families, such as Lemos and Pateras, have contributed a lot to the island, with donations to the municipality and constructions of important works, such as a cultural center and a stadium.

The architecture of the island is traditional: red-tiled houses, paved paths and a picturesque square, with a sculpture dedicated to the Unknown Sailorman. The harbor of Oinousses is small but hosts a large number of yachts, especially in summer, and fishing boats. At the entrance of the harbor, there is a bronze mermaid to welcome the visitors and the statue of the Oinoussian Mother.

The most famous sight of the island is the Monastery of Evangelismos of the Virgin Mary. It was founded in 1964 and has some amazing frescoes, illustrated by the famous artist Fotis Kontoglou. There is also a Naval Museum, founded in 1991, which includes many interesting ship models, old naval equipment, photographs and old pieces of weapon. The island of Oinousses is daily linked to Chios town. It makes a great excursion to spend a couple of days in peace and picturesqueness.

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