Chios Medieval Castle

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Location: Town

The Medieval Castle of Chios, Greece: Initially, The Castle or Fortress of Chios enclosed the entire town of Chios. Later, the town expanded beyond the Castle walls. It was during the Byzantine period at the end of the 10th century that the first architectural phase of the monument was built. The original building has been renovated and almost nothing has survived from the initial construction. The Venetians reconstructed the Central Gate (Porta Maggiore) in 1694. You enter the Castle through this gate, located at the south end.

Ioustiniani Palace, a two-storey building stands in the enclosed area, near the gate. Kria Vrisi (Cold Fountain), the semi-subterranean water cistern built under the Genoese, and the massive tower known as Kulas are worth seeing.

In olden times, a wide moat surrounded the Castle. The Genoese, Venetians, and Turks, from the early 14th century until the Greek War of Independence, made a series of additions, renovations, and repairs. The main entrance of the Castle was consolidated, the facade of the building called Dark Dungeon was cleared, the roof was strengthened, the masonry was repaired, while the pavement is revealed after the passageway on the walls over the main gate was cleared. In present times, residents inhabit the Castle.



1 Reviews
  • loundra 07 Dec 2010
    Nice for afternoon walk
    Chios has an interesting castle just a walking distance from the port. Not the most impressive castle in Greece, but it is a nice sightseeing for an afternoon in the town. It is open till sunset and was first constructed in the Byzantine times, but later it had many reconstructions and additions by the other occupants of the island. Not much survive of this castle today, except for the exterior walls, ruins of some houses, water cisterns and a cemetery. Next to the castle is the Old Town of Chios.