Project for independent electric supply

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Following an innovative project, Tilos, this small island in the Aegean, is about to become the first energy independent island in the Mediterranean Sea. With a plan of high prescriptions, supported by 7 European countries and included in the financial program for innovative ideas, HORIZON 2020, Tilos received the highest rate among 80 competitive ideas. This independent island micronetwork will be composed by a medium size photovoltaic park and a small wind generator.

The energy produced by this micronetwork will be stored in batteries, so that it is used even on days with clouds or without winds. This patent, unique in the world, was designed by the University of Piraeus but is supported by 15 institutions in Greece, Germany, France, the UK, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

The aim of this project is the energy independence of Tilos, which is now electrically supplied through an underwater connection with the neighboring island of Kos. However, this connection frequently deals with long electrical interruptions, leaving the island with no power supply for hours or days.

With this electrical supply project though, it is believed that the needs of the 829 permanent inhabitants of Tilos will be covered, while it may also be possible to even partially supply the close islands of Nisyros and Kalymnos. At the present time, scientists and researchers have traveled to Tilos to study the landscape of the island, which is entirely protected by NATURA 2000 as an ecological nature reserve.

According to the time schedule, the photovoltaic park will have been completed by the middle of October, while the hybrid power station will be set in full function within the next couple of years.