Simi Local products

Important local products of Simi are honey, spices, essential oils and wild local herbs, such as sage, oregano, and thyme, among others. These grow on the lush hills, spreading their unique scent all over the area. These growing herbs exist in honey as well, giving an excellent flavor. Thyme honey is the best you can find in Simi for its taste and quality.

On the other hand, Simi has also stalls that sell herb-scented articles, like soaps, and olive oil. In addition, many of them sell Ouzo as well, and as a nice detail, most of these products come in decorative bottles or packages, ideal as gifts. Other types of products are those sold in bakeries, many of which are very particular.

Moreover, Simi island is known for its high-quality wines, produced since ancient times. In fact, the Byzantine wine presses, discovered mainly in Kourkouniotis area, testify this old tradition.