Rhodes Great Hammam

The Great Hammam of Rhodes: The Great Hammam is one of the few remaining Turkish baths in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, built in the 14th century during the Ottoman occupation of the island. This hammam is also known as the Baths of Souleiman, Mustafa Baths and Yeni Hammam (New Baths).

The Great Hammam was originally constructed in 1558. The first part of the Great Hammam was the men's baths, a beautiful square of the symmetrical structure. The women baths were added some years later, under the rule of Mustafa Pasha. The interior is even more impressive, the men's chamber is embellished with luxurious marble and elegant fountains as a decoration at the center. The rest of the areas also have a distinctive character with small apertures in the domes.

The building today has been renovated and it is used as a hammam-spa, offering massages, exfoliation, and traditional head-to-toe wash.