Rhodes Museum of Bee and Honey

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Location: Pastida
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The Bee Museum of Rhodes explores the history and traditions of beekeeping that start in Ancient Greece. Located near the village of Pastida, it is one of the most unique museums in Greece and a must during your holidays on the island.

Founded by the Beekeeping Company of Dodecanese, the museum was established with the purpose of preserving the history of beekeeping and informing the public about the practices and traditions related to honey production, as well as the biology of honey bees and the herbs or other plants of the island that attract pollinators.
A glass beehive will allow you to watch the process of honey-making in real time!

The building of the museum has been designed to replicate the insides of a beehive to offer an authentic real-life experience and familiarize visitors with the life of bees.
You will find out how honey is made by the bees before heading to another part of the exhibition that focuses on beekeeping and honey extraction tools and equipment.
In addition, you will learn about various other valuable honey based products, such as beeswax, bee pollen, bee bread, propolis and royal jelly that have been used as superfoods or ointments since Antiquity.

For more information, visit the Bee Museum's website to learn more about its exhibitions, events and activities.

The Bee Museum is open from Monday to Saturday 08:00-17:00 and remains closed on public holidays.

Entrance tickets cost 3€ per adult. Children under 12 enter for free. Teenagers from 13 to 18, students and senior citizens over 65 get a 50% ticket discount.



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