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Rhodes Villages reviews
Average 5/5 based on 9 ratings out of 9 reviews.

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Asklipio stole my heart
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Category: Rhodes Asklipio

The small village of Asklipio stole my heart! The Greek village is so authentic, full of real warm wonderful Greek people. I spend time in the village. I've often sat and watch the kids play football in the town square, and in the evening the older ladies of the village sat along 'the wall' and watched the world go by. I've listened to the church bells calling the villagers, and often when they came out of church they have shared with me the 'special bread' from the service.

My favourite thing in Asklipio is Nik's Taverna, a family run taverna, and without a doubt in my opinion, the best authentic food in Rhodes. After trying many other taverna's, Nikolas taverna became a home from home. Nik and his lovely wife Effie own the place and nothing was too much trouble. Sometimes there were delicious things off the menu, Nik usually has something set aside, or if not he suggested wonderful new tastes for me to try.

One year I celebrated my birthday while in Rhodes and decided to eat at Nik's we let him know that we were coming for dinner. When we arrived, the table had been laid with a special cloth, flowers in a vase and a red rose for each of us, and not forgetting the most scrumptious chocolate cake that Nik had gotten especially for me. The villagers joined in when Happy Birthday was sung. It's a birthday I will always remember, and mostly due to Nik and his family's kindness.

I'm booking flights to go back to Rhodes and I am planning on spending my birthday at Nik's again this year for the third time. I am bless in that I can go anywhere my little heart desires for my birthday, so I am going to Asklipio and sharing my day with the village. June 1st if your there, if not, when you visit Nik's tell Nik I sent you...

Best Regards,


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jsaston wrote on Apr 14, 2012

Nice Review...

njogan wrote on May 10, 2012

Thanks! We were there last week and it was really fine experience. Well, in another tavern next to Nik's (which was a bit crowded, maybe also because of your flathering). ;)
And we left the village by the road to Laerma passing a beautiful late spring landscape.

lauramou wrote on Jun 01, 2012

Dear Christina, I just happened to read your review today, which is the 1-st of June, so... Happy Birthday! Hope you are celebrating it at Nikos'! Very nice review!

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kittykhl wrote on Sep 05, 2012

Sounds wonderful! Does anyone have any contact details for Nik's taverna? We are getting married in Rhodes next year and it sounds just the sort of place we are looking for for a meal afterwards!

absorba wrote on Feb 10, 2013

the contact phone number is on this tripadvisor page:

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Sweet memory from a hot noon
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Category: Rhodes Kremasti Village

The Neoclassical Library in the main square is probably the most scenic picture of Kremasti. A tiny village with stone houses, very typical of the other villages in Rhodes, it distinguishes only for the beautiful library. In the square, there is also a lovely cafe that offered us much comfort under the tree shade in a hot summer afternoon. Thanks a lot! we have sweet memories of this afternoon under the plane tree.

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Huge castle itself
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Category: Rhodes Town

Rhodes town is really impressive. Is not just the town near the port that you have to spend some time, or the one that you rush to pass, in order to visit a beautiful village or beach on the island. The town itself is beautiful. The city is divided to New and Old town. The new one is mainly Italian influenced, with lots of parks and squares. The Old town is one of the best tourist attractions of Rhodes and note that it is the oldest medieval inhabited town in whole Europe. Built and protected behind tall castle walls, the old town itself is a huge castle. Many narrow or wide streets, many of them without names... make it so easy to get lost! If you do, remember to ask around for Socratous street, that's the main street of the town filled with lovely gift shops, or for Simi square. There, you can find many traditional shops and some cafes and restaurants. Visit the Palace and the Knights' Inns. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum, with the famous Aphrodite of Rhodesstatue. I would definitely suggest you to walk around the castle walls. The fortification of the city, has so many gates and towers, that it is always impressive to walk around.


Too little time to see it all
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Category: Rhodes Lindos

I was there in high season, July. A friends' wedding was the actual cause of my visit, since they had come to the island for their honey moon and they recommended it to me. So, I came.

I stayed in a small family-run hotel in Lindos, which gets quite popular with tourists. This is a beautiful place with a fascinating history, lovely shops, wonderful restaurants and nice clean bars. Concerning food, I never had a bad meal or beer! My favorite bar was the "Sunburnt Arms".

Lindos beach could be kept cleaner, though. I found several bottles in the sea and one day, even a sock! Anyway, there are many more better beaches in Rhodes (Faliraki, Afandou, Tsambika, Kallithea).

A fun activity is also to rent a boat and make the tour of the island. We would stop in every small cove and swim in some privacy, away from big crowds. We stayed 10 days in Rhodes but I felt there were so many things to see that these days were not enough.


Discover the small treasures
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Category: Rhodes Town

The entire island is of course beautiful with its beaches and castles and traditional villages, but for me the highlight is Rhodes Town. This is such a romantic town!! It surely gets very busy in summer and people are almost... tumbling each other as they walk on the streets but if you let yourself free from your problems, you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a chilly sea breeze that you rarely feel in other places... The Medieval Town and the Port are excellent spots for relaxing. Take some good pictures, the landscape helps a lot. Also discover the small treasures in the gift shops. You can't decide which souvernir to buy. Have in mind that there is a small boat trip for one hour that goes you around the island, very enjoyable.

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Famous for its medieval architecture
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Category: Rhodes Town

I didn't stay much in Rhodes because I went to attend a conference, not for vacations. I just stayed for three days, so I saw only the town, which I found amazing. I love towns with strange architecture, so Rhodes Town was the perfect place for me. The Medieval Castles, the Old Town, the cozy cafeterias in narrow streets, the Street of the Knights... how nice memories!! People there were also great, especially the tavern owners who really smiled at you, not because they expected your money. As I went in May on the island, things were quieter than expected, still I had three wonderful days.


Nice memories from Ialysos
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Category: Rhodes Ialissos Village

Ialysos was one of the loveliest villages on Rhodes. Green scenery, wonderful beaches and great hospitality. The food was also exquisite, I have been cooking Greek food since I came home. In Lindos, we stayed in Andrianna Apartment Bar and loved relaxing by the pool, listening to Greel music. The earthquake was also an unforgettable experience while I was on Rhodes, but furtunately it was not strong. I just got scared because I had never experienced an earthquake before.

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Just magnificent
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Category: Rhodes Town

Rhodes is one the most beautiful towns I have ever seen!! I was amazed at every corner and park. The old town was extremely attracting to me, I thought knights would come out of the castles!! Definitely visit the Palace of the Great Master and also the Knights Street, the Aquarium and the acropolis of Rhodes. We didn't see much of the rest of the island, just the suburbs of the town which had great beaches. I can't find anything bad to say for this great place, you will have the best of holidays!!

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I highly disliked the town of Faliraki
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Category: Rhodes Faliraki

Nationality: USA

Age: 22

Countries visited: 10-15

The Trip: I arrived on the island by Plane. The trip was good with no delays.

Reasons for going to Rhodes: Discovered in Brochure/Magazine/Newspaper and I chose it for its rich history and beautiful beaches

Idea before arriving: I was surprised (and disappointed) with English-speaking tourists there were on Rhodes. Faliraki, in particular, was swarming with loud, drunk, obnoxious tourists. However, the locals were very friendly and accommodating. The Old Town was unbelievable and spectacular--a must-see!

Island/Area : 2/10

Landscapes : 6/10

Tree Covered : 0/10

Beaches and Waters : 9/10

Cleanliness : 5/10

Villages : 3/10

Main Town : 10/10

Food/Restaurants : 10/10

Nightlife : 10/10

Local People : 10/10

Accommodations : 10/10

Activities : 10/10

Excursions : 10/10

Sightseeing : 10/10

Prices : 7/10

Public Transportations : 10/10

Authenticity : 3/10

Peace and quiet : 2/10

Weather : 10/10

Favorite things about the island/area:

Best Beaches : Ladiko

Best Villages : Old Rhodes Town

Best Activity : finding a remote beach

Best Bar/Pub/Club :

Best Restaurant : Odyssey Restaurant on Menekleous Street, Old Town

Negative opinion about the island: I highly disliked the town of Faliraki for its dense tourism, cheap attractions, and trashy visitors

Recommendations for future visitors: I suggest not visiting Faliraki, or even Rhodes, if you want a quiet and peaceful vacation. If you want to party with English-speaking tourists and eat greasy breakfasts, stay in Faliraki.

Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


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