Thoughts for creating a Colossus Park

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The issue of Colossoupoli, which literally means the "town of Colossus" in Greek, is present for many years now among the residents and the authorities of Rhodes. The thought is to built a theme park and a great statue, alike the legendary Colossus, which used to stand above the port of ancient Rhodes.  This statue was said to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This statue was probably a representation of god Helios (Sun), was 30 m high and its construction dates at around 350 B.C. On the one hand, it was holding a torch of fire, while on the other hand he was holding a bow. The statue was said to stand in the entrance of Rhodes port, feet open, to guard the entering of ships. It was destroyed in 226 B.C due to an earthquake.  Today, the local authorities and the residents of Rhodes want to revive the glory of the statue. Architects and artists make suggestions on the design of the Colossus Park, in the port of the island. According to the suggestion of Mr Barianos, local artist, a giant statue of Colossus should be built and placed in the exact position of the ancient statue. Thus, the ships to enter the port will pass under this giant statue.  The entrance will lead to a water canal that will connect the astern and the western side of the island. On both sides of the Colossus, there may be two big  buildings lightened with photovoltaic panels, which are environmentally friendly. In the middle of the canal, there may be a lake, thus a marine park to be created in the present square of a Hundrend Date Palms. This marine park can include an aquarium with rare animal species. Around the marine park, there may be ancient Greek statues and a museum to exhibit the history of Rhodes.  More suggestions are expected to be made by local people in order to conclude to the final one. In the meantime, the municipality of Rhodes is looking for financiers to implement such a high goal. However, one thing is for sure: the Colossus Park is only at the beginning...

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