Blackpool cops

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The Public Order Ministry yesterday confirmed that a team of British police experts on seaside resort hell-raisers will visit Rhodes over the weekend and discuss the procedure on handling drunken tourists from the UK with local officials.
Three British officers would be on the Dodecanese island from Saturday to next Monday β€œin order to exchange views and expertise with Greek police officers on addressing problems arising from the excessive consumption of alcohol, mostly by young people,” said a ministry announcement.
Responsible for a program at the northern English resort of Blackpool to crack down on rowdy, alcohol-fueled holidaymakers, the visiting officers would look into a series of incidents this summer β€” ranging from exhibitionism to murder β€” that involved inebriated Britons. A favorite destination among young British tourist most of this incidents took place at the seaside pub strip of Faliraki on Rhodes. Yesterday, two UK nationals were convicted for seven months for publicly baring their buttocks in Faliraki. They can pay off the sentence for 920 euros.