Medieval Rose Festival 2010

May 15, 2010 — Jun 27, 2010 • Category: Events
For the fifth year on the row, the non-governmental cultural association Medieval Rose organizes the Medieval Rose Festival that takes place every early summer on the island of Rhodes. Through cultural events, lectures, performances and excursions, the aim of this festival is to revive the long history, culture and legends of the island, which flourished during the Medieval times. The events for 2010 will last for six weeks and will include many interesting happenings.

May 15th-16th: A team game for the Chase of the Dragon of Rhodes will take place on Saturday, when 12 groups of 3 people will explore the Old Town to find the legendary Dragon of Rhodes. On Sunday, a Medieval Parade will take place all through the paved paths of the Old Town.

May 22nd-23rd: Screening of Medieval Movies in a magnificent medieval arched room. In collaboration with Theasis Cinematography Club, the following movies will be presented: Lion in Winter (1968) Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Excalibur (1981) Name of the Rose (1986)

May 29th-30th: Chess Games will be organized in collaboration with the Chess Association of Rhodes. Participation is strictly limited to 40 people.

May 30th: Medieval Rose Symposium dedicated to the unexploited architectural/ cultural heritage. The title of the Symposium is "Sustainable Heritage through Living History Events".

June 5th: Inauguration of a Medieval painting exhibition and a photography exhibition.

June 6th: Presentation of the unknown Castles of Rhodes and daily excursion to the impressive castles of Feraklos, Asclepios and Monolithos. Participation to the excursion is free.

June 13th: Music and theatrical events outside the walls of the Castle of Asclepios.

June 20th: An amazing feast will take place in the forest beneath the Castle of Monolithos. Traditional food, live medieval music, jongleurs, puppet shows and tales about fairies, magicians and knights will keep good company till the sunset.

June 26th-27th: The Medieval Rose Festival will end with a marvelous feast in the Castle of Kritinia. There will be a representation of a Medieval quarter with old professions in a traditional bazaar, scenes from daily life, grilled meat, local wine and jongleurs. Festivities will end with an impressive show of music, fire and fireworks.

More info at: Medieval Rose Festival