Rhodes Sound and Light Show

The Sound and Light Show of Rhodes: The Sound and Light Show in the town of Rhodes is one of its major tourist attractions. This impressive form of art has grown in popularity over the years and it is like a drama without any actors. The blend of light, sound, and speech beautifully projects some of the greatest stories from the history of Rhodes island.

This is a one of a kind show in all Greece and it began its journey in 1961. The history of Rhodes is the main theme of the show. Various myths and stories are depicted through stereophonic sound and lights. This show takes place in the Municipal Garden of Rhodes Town and the authorities have taken major steps to improve the location of the show in the past few years. This effort has been taken to ensure the continuously growing interest of visitors.

The show mainly deals with the fight of the citizens of Rhodes with the Turkish army. The period of history when knights existed in Europe will come to life in front of your eyes while watching this magnificent Sound and Light show at Rhodes. A good amount of research goes into the script. The Palace of the Grand Master, the gardens, the tower of Suleiman and other famous landmarks are frequently presented. The show is held in five languages and lasts for a week. Its date is not stable, it usually varies from May to October.