Patmos Agathonisi Island

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Location: Agathonisi

The island of Agathonisi on Patmos: Agathonisi is a small island near Patmos and it is actually the northern island of the Dodecanese complex. Its surface is rocky and does not have much plant cover, except for some bushes and wild olive trees. Freshwater is also another scarcity on the island, with only some wells collecting rainwater and some tankers with water coming to every while to supply the locals.

In the ancient times, the island was called Yetousa and excavations have revealed some ancient pieces there. As it was frequently attacked by pirates who were sailing along the Aegean from the ancient times till the 19th century, it has not been permanently inhabited. In fact, the first people to come on the island and settle for long were 6 families from Patmos and Fourni in 1895, when the Greek fleet had faced the pirate problem for good.

Agathonisi consists of three settlements, Mikro Chorio, Megalo Chorio, and Agios Georgios. The biggest village is Megalo Chorio, which has been built in a way that is not visible from the sea, for protection. Megalo Chorio has 100 inhabitants while Mikro Horio has only 20. Agios Georgios is the port of the island.

There are five chapels along the island and some nice, quiet coves to swim. Its inhabitants are mostly old in age, but very friendly. Along the port, you will find some taverns and a couple of hotels. Agathonisi can be reached by boat from Patmos, Samos or Lipsi.



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