International Film Festival of Patmos 2016 (IFFP)

Jul 21, 2016 — Jul 27, 2016 • Category: Events

One of the most important events happening in the area of the Dodecanese Island Group is undoubtedly the International Film Festival of Patmos (IFFP), which will be taking place from the 21st to the 27th of July this year. Six long days of screenings, events, workshops and masterclasses will be devoted to the festival to teach, educate and excite the audiences by immersing them into the magical world of cinema in multiple ways.
Patmos’s amazing landscape and tranquil ambience make it an excellent choice for the hosting of such an event. Along with the many remote beaches, and the hidden coves of the island or the surrounding islets - accessible only by boat, you can add up to your holiday with a touch of culture by attending the festival. Certainly an amazing experience and an ideal escape for all those who need to retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. The festival comprises of a selection of feature and short films as well as documentaries. Social injustice, political extremism, world travel, the struggle for freedom and the confrontation with our past are only some of the major themes that will be explored in the movies. Many great movie stars such as Viggo Mortensen and Reese Witherspoon will be also making their appearance.
One of the most exciting events of the festival is the Documentary Workshop which is running for the second year in association with the IFFP and SugarHigh Films. The workshop will be giving the chance to successfully admitted aspiring filmmakers to spend two weeks on various islands, in order to shoot ten minute long documentaries on issues of immigration in Greece. Videos will be then combined into a full length film during September and October to provide a holistic approach to the flaming subject of immigration.
The festival will be taking place in various venues across the island and there will also be seminars and masterclasses as well parallel events that visitors can enjoy while on Patmos.
If you like what you have read and feel captured, then why not volunteer for the festival if you happen to be around Parmos on those dates?
More information will be announced soon on the official website: