Declared an archaeological place

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The Central Archaeological Council of Greece recently declared the entire island of Lipsi as an archaeological place. Prehistoric, classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine antiquities have been excavated all over this small island, that is located between Patmos and Leros in Dodecanese, depicting the historical significance of this lovely place. The island was first inhabited in the 4th-3rd century A.D. The most important ancient monument is the Castle, which was especially significant in the Hellenistic Period. Moreover, it is believed that the small church of Saint Nikolaos was built on top of the temple of Apollo Lispieus, the largest sanctuary of Lipsi in the ancient times. Also, the temple of Virgin Mary of Kouseliou has been built on top of antiquities. More importantly, three shipwrecks have been located in the sea region between the close islands of Kalavropa and Aspronisia. A new decision for the protection of these marine antiquities is expected.