Leros Scuba Diving

Over the last years, Leros is gradually developing as a popular scuba diving destination in the Aegean Sea. Due to the rocky coasts, the clean water, and the old shipwrecks in the surrounding sea bottom, Leros' diving is attracting many scuba divers from over the world. Popular Leros diving sites are the large Queen Olga Destroyer at the port of Lakki, the Anti-Submarine ship in the bay of Partheni and the wreck of German bomber Henkel-111 in the bay of Blefouti.

Here are some diving centers in Leros. Each diving center is presented with detailed text, photos, and a point on Google map. If you have visited any of these diving centers, feel free to write your review. All request forms are sent directly to the diving center manager so that you can book a diving course with them or ask any question.


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