A Medical School in Kos?

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A few days ago, the International Hippocrates Institution of Kos had a meeting with the authorities of the Aegean University over the creation of a Medical School in Kos. The creation of such a University Department on the island is almost natural, given the importance of the Askepieion in the ancient times, a heeling centre on the island that had gained reputation all over the Mediterranean and also becuase Kos was the home of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, as he is called.
In the meeting that took place, the MP of the Dodecanese, Mr Aristotelis Pavlidis, stressed that there are many difficulties against establishing a Medical School in Kos. The Aegean University must first integrate the Schools it already has before subsuming new ones. Instead, Mr Pavlidis suggested the establishment of a Post-Graduate Porgram in Kos (that may be Inter-Departmental, in collaboration of theĀ  Aegean University with the University of Crete, Athens or Patras), which will also be connected to the International Hippocrates Institution and its subject will be Bioethics and Medical Deontology. Such a postgraduate program will be more easy to work and without many expenses. More meetings will be arranged with the Ministry of Education to discuss further this idea.