1st International Health Film Festival

Sep 01, 2009 — Sep 06, 2009 • Category: Events

Health is the degree of liberty we live our lives Many thematic film festivals are being held around the world, but there still wasn't a Health Film Festival. That is what the Cultural Centre of Kos and Mrs Loukia Rikaki thought and organized an international health film festival on the island of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. This festival will be held in early September and films will be shown in the Municipal Cinema and the Open Cinema Orpheus, in Kos Town.

This unique thematic film festival will last for 5 days and will have a competitive character. Films from all over the world will compete to get one of the prices of the committee, which consists of film directors, journalists and physicians of different specialties. The film makers will receive the awards Golden Hippocrates, Siver Hippocrates and Bronze Hippocrates.

This festival, which is the only one of its kind in the world, as mentioned above, promotes the history and culture of Kos island. It is organized based on the initiative to develop more the cultural life of the Greek islands and to make them known around the world not only as famous tourist destinations but also as cultural centres.