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Here are all the Kos sightseeing that we suggest. Have a look on various attractions that you can see during your visit in Kos, such as churches, monasteries, museums, castles and other sights.

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All sightseeing in Kos

Location: Kefalos

The Monastery of Agios Ioannis, 7 km south of Kefalos, offers a gorgeous view of the sea. Right next to the monastery, there is a huge plane tree.

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Ancient Agora includes the remains of the ancient town of Kos. It is located close to the harbor. The ancient town had ample streets, sanctuaries, a stadium, gymnasium, and other settlements.

The Hellenistic Gymnasium is part of a complex of the Hellenistic and Roman periods that also includes the Acropoli, the Hippodrome, the Nymphaeum a very elaborated structure dating from the 3rd century BC, as well as the ruins of the temples of Aphrodite and Hercules

The ruins of Dionysos Temple are located south of the Kos harbor, passing the ancient Agora, on Vasileos Pavlou Street. It is close to the Roman House

Location: Antimachia
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This is a traditional house in Antimachia village that represents the architecture of the area, the internal and external decoration.

Location: Town
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The Archaeological Museum of Kos stands in the heart of Kos Town. It includes findings from the Ancient Agora, the Asklepieion and other sites on the island.

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A complex of Paleo-Christian basilicas is located near the beach of Kamari, southern Kos. The basilicas date from the 5th and the 6th century AD.

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About 4 km from Pyli, there is the abandoned village of Paleo Pyli (Old Pyli) with a ruined castle on top. This castle was built in the Byzantine times and was later restored by the Venetians to ensure the defense of the area.

Location: Kefalos

This museum has an interesting and unique collection depicting the agricultural life of people on the island from the 18th century till today.

Location: Mastichari

Located in Mastihari, the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre is dedicated to the father of medicine. It is an exact replica of a 5th century BC ancient Greek settlement and organizes many seminars of ancient Greek philosophy.

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Kastri is a tiny island right opposite the beach of Agios Stefanos. Remains of fortification and a small church are located on this islet, which is reached by boat. Some people even swim there.

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The rich history of Kos, and all Dodecanese islands in general has vividly left its mark on the architecture of the islands. That is the case with the mosques of Kos Town, strong reminders of the Ottoman rule on the island, that lasted for about four centuries.

In the location of Agios Fokas, there is a sea-pool with hot springs, known as the thermes. The place is well known as one of the most outstanding places on Kos.

The windmill of Antimacheia was renovated in order to offer visitors a more beautiful view, apart from keeping the tradition alive. It is located at a small square in the center of the village.

This waterpark can be found close to Mastihari village. Among its games, the Lazy River, the Black Hole, the Wave Pool, and many others are included. It is open from late May till late September.

This is an important excavation site connected to the Prehistoric times. The findings dated the cave in the period from the Neolithic Age to the beginning of the Bronze Era.

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Asklepieion is the most significant archaeological site on the island. In antiquity, it worked as a healing center and it got its name from Asklepios, son of Apollo and protector of health and medicine.

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Nerantzia Castle, or else the Castle of the Knights, is located at the entrance of the port, Kos Town. It was built in the 14th century by the Knights of Saint John, on the site of a former Byzantine fortress.

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The Roman Odeon was constructed in the 2nd century BC and it has been very well preserved. It hosted crowds of people that gathered to watch fights between prisoners as it happened in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome.

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This house is a beautiful Roman mansion and its architectural style resembles of the houses in Pompeii. Some remarkable frescoes and nice atriums can be seen inside.

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The myth says that under this plane tree in Kos Town, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, would teach his students the secrets of healing. Of course, this is a descendant of the original tree.

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The Venetian Castle of Antimachia is located on a hill above the village, offering a gorgeous view of the sea. It was constructed in the 14th century and its walls survive in a good state today. Inside the castle, there are two churches.

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