Kos Thermes beach

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Thermes Beach Kos: Thermes is one of the most idyllic places to visit in Kos. It is located 12 km from Kos town. Once arriving, next to the parking area there are some places where travellers can sit and have a drink.

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7 Reviews
  • Carole 15 Sep 2023
    Loved the unspoilt natural springs
    I thought these were great, not commercialised and a wonderful experience. Not everything has to be part of a theme park or over-engineered.
    The effort to get there was well worth it and something I would repeat,
    Who cannot feel the wonder of sitting in the sea with the water temperature of a nice warm (hot) bath.
  • Joyce 30 Jun 2023
    The hot springs got rid of a cyst
    The hot springs got rid of a cyst on my upper back… a complete surprise to me. The cyst grew back 3 years later so I should have repeated the visit to the thermal springs more often.
    I agree the beach itself is not a good choice for pure sunbathing. The hike down and up from the main road is tough in the heat with 1 or 2 Cantina stops for drinks.
    Yes the Greek authorities could really make the experience more attractive by developing it.
    However, the healing properties of the springs for me, far outweigh the undeveloped rugged area…. and to me that was the natural beauty of it.
  • Mike 17 May 2023
    I’m not sure why the other reviewers are so negative. It’s not a 5* attraction and it’s a fair walk down and back up again but well worth the experience. Sitting in a seawater pool that’s heated by thermal springs is a great experience.
    With respect to the other reviews, stagnant? Not at all, you can smell the sulphur which proves it’s a thermal spring not a tank on the hill (what a ridiculous statement)
    3 stars because it’s not very comfortable but otherwise worth a visit
  • Fabio Mori 16 Aug 2022
    No reason to go there

    Bad place..... No reason to go there.... That's all....

  • Kezza 14 May 2022
    It was fake
    The hot spring is actually man made and has stag dent waters running into the pool confirmed by a few locals lol lol enjoy the dirty stagdent water people from the moment I stepped foot onto the beach I knew it was fake and man made with pipes running from a water tank up top so glad I chose to not get in the water
  • Toni Botting 28 Apr 2022
    Disappointed with this tourist attraction
    So disappointed with this tourist attraction. I thought this would be like an attraction I could stay at all day. Unkempt area. Maybe the Greek tourist board could take it under there guidance , this could be a goldmine. The thermal bath itself was very warm, but once I'd experienced this I did not want to stay on the beach ????
  • bristolfells 07 Jun 2008
    The Thermes were great BUT
    ...the beach area in and around the Thermes was dirty and littered with cigarette butts and the "restaurant" beside the Thermes was unpleasant to say the least. The natural phenomenon is a great asset to the Island, but it is let down by poor management. If the restaurant can't get their act together and take some responsibility for taking care of the attraction, the local tourist board need to act to get the people out. The local tourist board could (perhaps with grant funding) sensitively develop the site retaining a very natural feel, but also making the most of the feature ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.