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Ton Toicho Beach Kalymnos: Ton Toicho is a beach with breathtaking characteristics, golden sand, rocky cliffs, brilliant views, and soothing waters. It is located 23 km north of Pothia, the capital of Kalymnos. Serenity personified, the beach provides the ideal privacy. This secluded beach ensures that you are far from the rest of the world. A day on this beach lets you re-connect with yourself and rejuvenates you, while viewing the paradise that surrounds it.

The silence, that greets you, is broken only by the cries of sea birds and the splash of water as it washes onto the beach. The golden sand is interrupted by small groups of tiny pebbles. With very little shade, this beach is ideal for those looking for the perfect tan unless you are carrying your own umbrellas. Ton Toicho provides a break from the bustling, tourist-laden beaches of Greece and makes your holiday experience a real vacation.

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