Kalymnos Michael Kokkinos

Michael Kokkinos from Kalymnos, in the Dodecanese: Michael Kokkinos was born in Kalymnos in 1900 and was the son of a wealthy sponge seller. In 1912, he moved with his family to Belgium but they returned two years later. His high-school teacher, Ioannis Zervos, was the first to notice his talent and in 1919, Michael Kokkinos left Kalymnos to study in the Academy of Good Arts in Brussels.

His work, inspired by greek mythology and the lifestyle of the residents of Kalymnos, was rewarded and exposed in international exhibitions. Michael Kokkinos donated many of his works to his homeland. You can see some of his sculptures exhibited along the pier of Pothia, along with the sculptures of his daughter, Irene. He died in 1990.