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Isternia Tinos: Isternia is a picturesque village located 20 km from the main town of Tinos and close to Kardiani village. Built amphitheatrically on a beautiful natural site, on the slopes of Mount Meroviglia, Isternia is a small settlement with marble-paved lanes, two-storey houses as well as fine marble lintels and picturesque arches shadowing the narrow paths. The entire village is an exquisite example of fine marble sculpture.

It is worth mentioning that Ysternia is the birth place of many famous Greek sculptors like Vitalis, Latena and Sochou. For them and many others the village has founded the Museum of Isternian Artists where works and biographies of the artists are displayed.

North of the village is Mylon which has remarkable and interesting ruined windmills which are listed traditional buildings. A beautiful old marble-paved road connects Isternia with the wonderful sandy beach called the Isternia Bay. The village offers a magnificent view of the neighbouring Syros and a wonderful panoramic view of the Aegean.

Hotels in Isternia

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Under The Sun Cycladic Village


Under the Sun Cycladic Village is the perfect place to stay if you are searching for luxurious accommodation that is combined with privacy, tranquility and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. This beautiful hotel offers modern suites, equipped with numerous amenities, including private plunge ...


Vathi Bleu

Villas4 keys

Located in a peaceful mountainous area and overlooking the sea, Vathi Bleu Private Villas are the perfect place to stay for vast views, privacy, and relaxation. The villas are modern and spacious, with private swimming pools, large rooms, and beautiful outdoor seating areas. They are suitable for ...


Villa Mileia


Enjoy the magnificent sea and sunset views at Villa Mileia, a modern villa with a classic Greek design in the area of Isternia Bay. The villa has a big housing capacity of 16 guests, multiple bedrooms, and excellent outdoor facilities, such as large seating areas and a refreshing swimming pool.


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