Tinos Ursulines Monastery

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Location: Loutra

The Ursulines Monastery of Tinos Cyclades: The Monastery of Ursulines is located in the village of Loutra in Tinos and it was founded in 1862. It used to be an important female educational center for children all over Greece which functioned from 1862 until 1993.

The Ursulines was regarded as one of the best institutions as many girls from wealthy families graduated from the private school. During the past, the monastery worked as an orphanage, boardinghouse, French-speaking high school, university, and Greek school.

Today, the popular school is a folklore museum itself and open to the public where inside its premises visitors can see the rooms and old furniture, tools used for sewing, painting, photography and a theatre where performance used to take place. During the summer months, there is a themed exhibition.



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